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 Genetically modified crops and related technologies 
----- Life Sciences -----

    Aventis - new web site, not yet up and running; old site: Rhone Poulenc
Delta and Pine Land Co. | SureGrow - inventors of certain genetically modified crop technologies; Sure-Grow has transgenic cotton and soybeans
Dow AgroSciences - involved with genetically modified crops
DuPont - herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, Optimum Quality Grains
EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; has some regulatory role over genetically modified crops
Farm Source | Site Map - agricultural information and tools for retailers, growers, and crop consultants

     FDA Bioengineered Foods site - deals with the regulatory and other issues
FDA Dockets - current issues before the FDA and opportunity for public comment online
Genetically Manipulated Food News - articles of concerned opinion and information
Life Sciences Knowledge Center - searchable database of biotech news and information, by Monsanto
Monsanto - a key figure in the agricultural biotech debate; makers of genetically modified crop seed
Monsanto Agricultural Products - info on their genetically modified crops

     Novartis Life Sciences - one of the major international companies involved in genetic engineering
Pharmacia & Upjohn - international pharmaceutical company; merged with Monsanto
Rural Advancement Foundation International | USA site - opposes genetically modified agriculture
USDA Biotech site - deals with agricultural biotech issues
Zeneca Agrochemicals - Zeneca Plant Science, a leading food biotechnology company; produces some genetically modified foods

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