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 The idea behind the design of this site. 
----- The Concept -----

A Unique Design

The design of this site is different from other directories and search engines. was designed very carefully and deliberately to have a clean and simple look.

The listings are arranged in multiple columns, which expand to fill the screen when viewed on a monitor with higher resolution.This design makes optimum use of any given screen area. At lower screen resolutions, the text on the site will wrap to fit the available space.

A Selective Directory

The goal of is to build the most useful directory of gardening and related web sites on the Net. However is meant to have the best links, not the most links, so only the best sites will be listed in the directory.

The usefulness of comes from the quality of the directory, and the simplicity of the site. A reduction in the amount of graphics on the site, and the use of only brief site descriptions, produces a web site which loads quickly and is easy to read.

Few Graphics

There are few graphics on the web site. Only one banner ad graphic is permitted per page. There are no other graphics on the site, except a background image.

This reduction in graphics gives the site a simple, clean, uncluttered look which is pleasing to the eye. Also, the site loads more quickly with only one graphic on a page. This is one of the most important features a web site directory can have. People visit web site directories to find web sites; they don't want to wait for 57 useless images to load before they can use the directory.

Adding Your Site

If you know of a great gardening or related web site, feel free to make a site suggestion by filling out the Add-a-Site form. Please do not submit web sites which are unrelated to the categories listed in

The emphasis in is on the links, with only a brief description permitted. Links are in bold text, making them easy to read.

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